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Center Stage Dance Studio’s Children’s Ensemble Theatre


Haphazardly Ever After

Directed by Paulette Gilbert

A kind king and queen are trying to bring happiness and harmony to their fairy tale family but there’s one major problem… their children refuse to live up to their royal titles! Will a do-it-yourself fairy tale from “The Enchanted Depot” help everyone live happily ever after, after all?


Saturday Jan. 21 at Center Stage Dance Studio

9:00 am: Ages 6-8                         10:30 am: Ages 9 and Older

Speaking parts for over 30 actors!

Interested stagehands and crew are also welcome.

Characters include:

the Royal Family, Fairies, Servants, King, Queen, Narrator, more Princesses, more Princes, Fairy Godmother, Enchanted Depot Employees and many  more!


  • Rehearsals begin February 11
  • Saturdays 10-3 and occasional Sundays 12-3
  • Actors rehearse only when needed

Performance Location: The North Star House

Performance Dates:  May 5, 6 and 7

More info on auditions, rehearsals and participation fee click on
Children’s Theatre-Auditions  • 530-271-1200


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